Spring is Coming!

Our Story

Simply Couture is not your basic boutique, it is the product of Founder Susan Chiodo’s lifelong dream to create a handpicked collection of trendy and comfortable pieces to enhance any woman’s wardrobe and confidence.

For the past few decades, Susan has collected hundreds of fashion magazines, followed global trends, found affordable versions of Hollywood style and of course, shopped (a lot)! Susan’s mother, Jean, not only contributed to her love for fashion, but also taught her the importance of finding great quality items for an affordable price. Shopping trips for them meant spending a full day studying new trends and hunting for the best deals.  Susan and Jean put a whole new meaning to “shop until you drop.” After the passing of her mother, her beloved shopping partner and best friend, in January 2020, Susan decided to take the opportunity of being quarantined at home to make her dream a reality. On March 21, 2020... Simply Couture was born.   

We are open and ready for the Summer!

Simply Couture

A boutique with really cute things!